Mike Hicks

Energetic, spontaneous, and passionate are all words commonly used to describe the on-stage presence of singer, songwriter, and producer, Mike Hicks. However, off stage, the personality of Mike Hicks has been described as reserved, introverted, and even shy. A glimpse into the life of Mike Hicks renders somewhat of an explanation into what seems to be his dual persona. Currently residing right outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Michael Brandon Hicks was born in Warner Robins, Georgia to loving parents who would carefully and gracefully nurture his development and growth. A childhood rooted in spirituality explains his love for and devotion to his Christian faith. Surrounded by a vast array of musical genres, Mike would find himself strongly drawn to the music of Stevie Wonder, The Winans, and Commissioned. While the majority of his childhood and adolescence was spent pursuing dreams of being a basketball star, at the age of 14 he was challenged by his mother to write a song for a children’s ministry. Though Mike had always shown a love for writing, this single challenge would be a turning point in his life. Emotionally broken by the painful split of his parents when he was 16, Mike found solace in drowning himself in music, oftentimes cutting everything and everyone else out. This process was the beginning of the lyrical transparency that has become his trademark. Mentored by award winning producers and local musicians alike, Mike would grow in his craft and move to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to pursue music as a career. After years of growing as a musician, writer, and producer, he stepped out in 2008 and began doing shows as a solo artist. Though initially, he didn’t have a desire to be an artist, his frustration with music drove him to the point of not only doing shows, but writing, producing, and recording his first EP, “Simply For Me: The Acoustic Sessions EP” in July of 2008. Characterized by a magnetic stage presence and a love for getting lost in the moment, Mike is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.