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Kirk Franklin w/ special guest Koyrn Hawthorne
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Petty and Friends
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Ron Gilmore and Friends
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June 30th - - Anthony David and Chantae Cann About: Anthony David In a time where genres and categories bleed into one another and morph into new hybrids, there will always be a space for the pure singer/songwriter who can address real life emotions in real time. Men will always need someone to express their emotive side, and women will always need to hear it. Humans will always need to feel, and artists are here to identify those feelings and paint pictures of sound with them. SInce the release of his first album in 2004, Anthony David has consistently been the man for that job, and has continually pushed forward and expanded. Raised in Savannah GA, Anthony made the move to ATL, and hit the ground running in the local music scene. He found a long time friend and music collaborator in a then unknown India Arie, and became a part of her success.Writing and producing on her first 3 albums yielded grammies and numerous other awards, while he also toured singing backup for her. Arie pushed him to the front by her 2nd tour, having Anthony open up for her across the country, which led to a deal with Local Independent label, BRASH MUSIC. At BRASH, David wrote and co produced 2 critically acclaimed albums, “3 chords and the truth” and “Red Clay Chronicles”, which also secured deals in Europe (Dome Records) and Japan (Village Again), leading Anthony to tour worldwide several times over, making new fans along the way. The acclaim prompted Universal Republic record to get involved, compiling the best songs from the two indie albums, repackaging them as ACEY DUECY. The added exposure took the single “Words”, a duet with Arie to chart placement, and nomination for a GRAMMY in ’08. It was also the album that exposed the First lady, Michelle Obama, to Anthony’s talent, who then brought him to the attention of the President himself, Barack Obama, who name checked Anthony as a constant on his iPod. For the next album, “As above, so below” David inked a deal with E1/Purpose records and travelled to Nashville to work with producer Shannon Sanders. They produced Anthony’s best record to date, pushing the boundaries, and expanding on what people have come to expect from R&B. Taking on political topics (Reach Ya), Religious (God Said), with his trademark storytelling (Backstreet) still in tow, and razor sharp. The leading single, “4evermore” stormed the radio and gave Anthony his first #1 record, while the reggae/latin tinged “Body Language” tore up dance floors all across the UK. A tour to Kenya, inspired Anthony to become a part of the “Give Africa Hope” campaign that brought awareness to the East Africa famine. During that period, David wrote and released 3 new songs along with remixes from “As Above, so below”, shooting the video in Kenya for the title track “#Locationlocationlocation”. The tune was a homage to Carl Sagan’s “pale blue dot” and also a plea to share the resources of the planet. He also got intimately involved with AWOL (All Walks of life) an arts program for children back in his hometown of Savannah, pushing to get it established in Atlanta by 2013. Chantae Cann Chantae Cann is the charismatic influence with a voice that transcends through time. With the release of her debut album "Journey to Golden" in March 2016 at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts and #7 on the Jazz Billboard Charts. Chantae Cann’s second studio album (Sol Empowered) released on October 13, 2017 earned the #8 spot on the Jazz Billboard Charts. Influences like Bobby McFerrin, Haitus Kyote, Chaka Khan and countless others help shape the sounds that you hear throughout her music. Chantae’s music blends the exploratory sounds of Jazz with the feel good vibes of Soul, which makes for a mixture that is quite enticing. It is her heart’s desire to simply inspire, uplift and encourage the lives of others through music. TICKET LINK ABOVE

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Isley Brothers
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Chris Webby x Jarren Benton x Locksmith x Ekoh
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Devin the Dude
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